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πŸ””Update NewsπŸ””
πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£ Update Project:
βœ… Temporary fix Dox Faucet May-27th-2023
βœ… Added Network Bitgert May-27th-2023
βœ… Lucky number will reset 2 days May-27th-2023
βœ… Enable Jackpot for Click to Earn May-27th-2023
βœ… Enable Click to Earn - Enable Lucky Number May-25th-2023
βœ… Added More Sport Games - May-21st-2023
βœ… Minor update UX - May-21st-2023
βœ… Turn off Unstake Function - May-18th-2023
βœ… Enable Mining
βœ… x100 Real CPU Mining within 1 month
βœ… Mining also unlock the locking mining balance
βœ… HighLow Game comback support playing unlock with ratio 1:10 (Bet 1 DoX in Mining Balance will get 0.1 DoX in spot balance)
βœ… Sport bet can bet by USDT
βœ… Launching DoX Sharing profit for holder DoX in
βœ… Limit DoX Withdraw is: 30k DOX
✳️ Optimize Sport Game
✳️ Bring back Lucky number gamne
✳️ Optimize Mining UX
πŸ•‘πŸ•‘πŸ•‘ On Going Update
✳️ Optimize Deposit - Withdraw Popup, user can choose directly the coin to withdraw in popup
✳️ Unlock minimum withdraw (User can withdraw with small amount)
✳️ Optimize P2P Trade
✳️ Enable P2P for anycoin - USDT
✳️ Enable Further Function - BO Game
✳️ Fix txcode for other blockchain
✳️ Add more blockchain
✳️ Enable swap, user can buy DoX in anyblockchain
✳️ Enhance UX, Optimize Wallet UX
✳️ Optimize Securites
✳️ Airdrop NFT for game "Slave Fighting"
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